High Key Photography

High-key product photography is shot on a seamless white backdrop.  The end result is an accurate, versatile image of your product.

Showcase your product’s quality and detail with top notch imagery.



Our Minneapolis Product Photography includes everything you need to make your E-Commerce business a success.

  • Turnaround Time: 4 Business Days
  • Digital Delivery, Download Instantly
  • High Resolution 3000 x 3000px JPG
  • Seamless White Background
  • FREE Group Shot Arrangement
  • FREE Return Shipping on products less than 5 pounds
  • FREE Basic Product Prep
  • FREE Minor Product Assembly
  • No Additional Cost for large products (up to 4 feet long)
  • No Additional Cost for very small products (less than 3 inches long)
  • No Additional Cost for pure black background
  • No Additional Cost for metallic or shiny product surfaces


Hi-Res Image

Services Included

RUSH Available

Satisfaction Guarantee



Compelling product photography starts with clean imagery.  Here are several of our most prominent features:

FREE Group Shot Arrangement

No additional cost for multiple pieces (up to 6) shot as one image.

High Resolution

3000 x 3000 pixel resolution (before crop) JPG image at 240 DPI.

Seamless White Background

Shot on a seamless pure white (RGB 255, 255, 255) background with natural product shadows or reflection.

Digital Delivery

Instant, secure download of your image.

4 Day Turnaround

Final retouched images are guaranteed digital delivery within four business of receiving your product(s).

Local Minneapolis Product Photography

Experienced Product Photographer in Minneapolis

When you need your product photographed, we shoot it how you want it, edit it to ensure the highest visual quality, and within four business days provide you with a digital high-resolution image.

Ship or Bring Your Product

Progress 33%

When you order, you will receive an email with shipping instructions, packaging tips, and an expected time frame for your image(s).  You can reply to our email to describe any specific layouts, “looks”, or angles.

We Shoot the Product

Progress 66%

We make sure your product looks clean and professional. Lighting is fine-tuned to match your product’s reflective qualities and distortion-free composition techniques are employed to ensure the optimal visual appeal of your product.

We Send You the Photo(s)

Progress 100%

Within four business days after receiving your product (or 48 hours if you select RUSH processing), we will send your digital photo(s) via instant download and ship your product back to you.



Start selling your product more effectively with our premium Amazon product photography service.

The final product photo you receive will be ready for immediate upload to your Amazon listing, e-Commerce page, or company catalog.  We ensure the images meet Amazon’s product photo size and resolution requirements.

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